Jon Hammar Deserves More Respect

…From the country he served.

Don’t expect this often on my blog. But this is a blog about history, and I believe that this young man is making history. (Look at me using the term “young man” referring to someone my own age.)

Have you heard the Jon Hammar story? If you are reading this blog and you haven’t, you either a. don’t stalk me on Facebook or b. are not from the U.S.A. or c. choose to live a life of ignorance.

If any of the above scenarios are true, you need to pay special attention.

What I mean to say is that you should be fighting hard for a US Marine Combat Veteran who is currently being unjustly imprisoned in a Mexican jail. I say this not just because I went to high school with Jon (no, we weren’t great friends),  but I also have family members who have served in the armed forces, and who specifically will always be Marines. America should support those who have supported her. This is no exception. WE must fight for…

Jon Hammar.

Have you heard Bill O’Reilly? Maybe you hate Fox News. What about Anderson Cooper? OK, maybe you don’t trust cable news.

But what about…

Investor’s Business Daily.

The Daily Mail in the UK.

ABC News.

Local 10 in Miami.

New York Daily News.

And in Spanish in Diarios Las

Do you need more information? You know how to Google.

If you have not yet, please sign the petition on the White House website. Jon needs our support. He needs our voices. He needs our strength.

There is no reason that this American Marine should be chained to a bed in a Mexican prison. This is nothing but an abuse of power, and a disgusting attempt at making an example of an American Patriot.

If you care about those who have given their lives for a cause so much greater than any of us blog about, then you need to pay attention. Please pay attention.

Sign the petition. Pass along Jon’s story. Make history by helping to bring Jon home.

A BIG Thank you to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. She is an incredible woman and public servant. I am so proud to say that I interned for her in Washington about 4 1/2 years ago. The woman still amazes me with her strength and dedication to her constituents and country. THANK YOU ILEANA.

Here she is supporting Jon.

And here too.

More of her Press Conference Here.

You may “like” her Facebook page here.

The World needs to recognize this situation. Please help to bring attention to what is going on in Mexico. It is unacceptable, and Jon must come home soon.

Sign the White House Petition here. (again)

**Update 12/18/12**

First photo of Jon in a Mexican prison.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Great message. I signed the petition.


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