Keep Your Dinero Away From Mexico

I may get some flack for this blog post, but I’m not apologizing for it.

Stay out of Mexico. Avoid it. Do not enter. Do NOT spend your money there. Whatever your vacation desires are, you are better off finding a beach in the Caribbean, Brazil, Costa Rica, or Miami. I dare each and every American to stay away from our little cousin to the south– at least until Jon Hammar is safely returned to his home. And then, continue to stay away from Mexico just because. You know why? Mexico likes to use U.S. citizens  COMBAT VETERANS as pawns in some political mind game they are playing with the U.S. Government. I have a sneaking suspicion this game has something to do with our own Government’s Fast and Furious program, but I will leave the high-level speculation up to the pundits. However, I will say that what is happening to Jon Hammar at this moment is utterly unacceptable.

I am ashamed that our own current Administration is playing dumb on this story.  I am devastated that our President is silent on the issue of a man who honorably served our country overseas being chained to a bed, and left to deteriorate in a high-security prison on foreign soil for a crime that was never committed. Meanwhile, our officials at the highest levels are authorizing the sale of weapons purchased in the US to criminals on the other side of the border.  Weapons that have later been linked to…death.

Did Jon Hammar kill anyone with his antique shotgun? Did he attempt to use it in any way that is violent or criminal? No.

He was arrested when he was peacefully trying to register the weapon with the Mexican border. If the Mexican Government had a problem with his gun, then they should have asked him to return to his country and leave the gun at home.

I don’t think the Mexican Government really had a problem with Jon’s gun.

I think they have a problem with the U.S. Government.

Sadly, and disgustingly, Jon has become a pawn in this fight.

This is a fight that this American Marine has already fought. He has already fought the wars of men who sit in Washington and make marching orders for those brave enough to actually stand up for Freedom and Honor. He has already fought the wars against countries that have nothing nice to say about the aid and service our country provides to them. He has already fought the wars on behalf of men who lead, but who have never served. This Marine has already paid the price to his country. He does not deserve to be abandoned, forgotten, and left behind.

I am asking those Americans who read this blog to fight for Jon. Fight for him by avoiding Mexico through this tantrum. Fight for him by screaming at the top of your lungs about the injustice of this situation. Fight for him until our own Government will get the hint.

U.S. Combat Veterans have already paid for the sins of men in comfortable suits.

Do not become silent on this issue. Do not let this story go unheard.


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  1. patrick says:

    100% agreed! I don’t know how anyone can offer a rebuttle.


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