Don’t Bring Backpacks into the Getty

I landed in Los Angeles around noontime today, February 6, 2013. (I literally almost said June, which tells you where my mind is, or isn’t, or maybe it’s just a reflection on the amount of wine I drank at “Wine Hour” at my hotel.)

Excited about the afternoon of leisure that I had awaiting me in the City of Angels, I decided to take advantage of the most beautiful and free activity in the area near Brentwood, where I am staying: The Getty Museum.

Here She Is
Here She Is

I spent two full summers in Los Angeles, as well as a couple of trips here or there, and yet during past trips, I never made it up to the Getty. What a shame, because this place is a treasure.

If you are currently in, or will be in the Los Angeles area at any point in your life, you must, must visit the Getty Museum. I cannot even explain to you how wonderful this place is; you have to see it yourself. Not only will you be able to browse through inspiring classic pieces of art, but the actual grounds of the museum are masterpieces in themselves. Bring your camera.

Because my art is written or photographed, and not necessarily painted, I cannot tell you anything about the ancient European art pieces (unless you like naked babies and Madonnas), but what I can try to do is paint you a picture of the incredible gardens, mazes, and sculptures that line the walkways and patios around the buildings. You will find no lack of abstract and thought-provoking art and beauty on the outside of the pristine museum walls. I’m still trying to process the incredible afternoon I spent just “being.” Have you ever had one of those days where you just “enjoyed”? Not necessarily anything in particular, but you just lived in the moment and appreciated the artistry of your scenery. The grounds surrounding the buildings of the Getty offer you the opportunity to forget that there is anything ugly in this world. You can sit on the perfectly manicured grass, or on a bench underneath perfectly trimmed trees and bright-colored flowers on a February afternoon, and you can forget that there is any sadness in your situation. You can listen to your favorite music, and let it take you away to your Wonderland. You are Alice.

Don’t bring a backpack into the Getty.

Getty Grounds
Getty Grounds
More Getty Grounds
More Getty Grounds

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