March Madness

March is a crazy month. Seriously.

College basketball is intense and unpredictable, allergies begin their attack with ferociousness, and the weather is…insane. If March were a person, she would be diagnosed with schizophrenia.

I woke up this morning in Arlington County, Virginia to snow on the ground. Legitimate snow! We haven’t had snow all winter (despite the threat of “Snowquester” a few weeks ago), and suddenly, we wake up on the morning of March 25th, and there is a wet, white blanket covering all the land. Even though the cold, flaky white stuff causes panic and disruptions, I can’t deny that it’s beautiful and calming to look at if you don’t have to really deal with it. I truly believe that the two most peaceful natural settings in the world are the beach (anywhere) and a snow-covered morning. This particular morning, I got one of those. It made me think that I miss the beach.

Snow in late March!
Snow in late March!

Speaking of March Madness, let’s take a moment to get really excited that my Alma Mater, the University of Miami Hurricanes basketball team is playing in the Sweet 16 here in DC this week. I know we have snow today, but I hear that a Hurricane arrives in DC on Thursday. (Sorry, had to do it.)

Since we are on the topic of March being mad, I thought I would mention another thing that happened this month that may be semi-crazy in some minds. Last night, I went to see the band, Garbage, perform at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. Garbage was a hot alternative band in the 90s. If you were a child of the 90s, you better know who Garbage is, and if you don’t, look up the songs, “Stupid Girl,” “Special,” and “Only Happy When it Rains.” Shirley Manson, the Scottish lead singer, is now 46 years old and still rockin’! That chick  has all the energy that she did in the 90s, and I love it. I always have a good time at all these concerts I go to now because I was too young to attend the first tours 20 years ago. This crowd at the Fillmore last night looked straight out of the 90s–complete with the smells of cigarettes and Herbal Essence. The only difference between these people and ones you may have seen in ’98 is that this group looked like ’98’s big sister, or mom.

Rockin' the 90's with an iPhone
Rockin’ the 90’s with an iPhone

Stay calm, March.








Link to my post, “Snow Fall Moments” from February.

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