Decisions, Decisions

Daily Prompt gets me (almost) every time that I decide to look at it. I know that if I click on that link on my WordPress Reader, I’ll be sucked into an essay writing void, only to return once I get it all out of my system. The prompt today is entitled, ” Decisions, Decisions.” The question posed is: How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

I am a Libra. You know what that means? I’m probably one of the most indecisive of the Zodiac signs. Libras are fair creatures, especially during the winter! Just kidding. We are fair in the sense that we are balanced. The symbol for Libra is “the scales.” Our sense of justice tortures us by constantly pulling from one direction to the other. We are a pendulum; typically able to see and agree with certain aspects of every side of an argument. I’ve heard we make good lawyers. I would like to think that we make excellent leaders, so long as we are surrounded by a talented team of advisors.

When I go into the process of making an important decision, I am almost always initially drawn to one side or the other; my intuition, or gut, providing me with an impulse reaction to a set of circumstantial facts. For instance, using the question: do I move to another city? Initially, my gut will say yes or no based on how happy I am in my current location, or where I am more likely to be closer to the ocean. (That’s what my gut wants.) However, my Libra kicks in when I start weighing the facts and consequences of each choice. What about jobs? Friends? Transportation? Cost of living? Availability of space? Distance from home? Entertainment? This is where the process gets more difficult.


I rely heavily on my intuition. Generally, it never lets me down. I can offer more examples of situations where I have ignored my intuition and ended up on the losing end of a decision than vice versa. Gut knows best, for the most part.

However, I cannot discredit the reasoning process (See, here I go again). There is something to be said about making pros and cons lists, or enlisting the help of other trusted voices. However, I have learned as I get older that the bigger decisions in your life can only be made by you; not your parents, friends, siblings, or coworkers…only you.

That makes it even harder on us Libras. Geez.

OK, I’m going to make a decision right now on whether I use reasoning or my gut to make big decisions….and the answer is: My gut.

I have to go with my gut. I can sit here and reason all day long and into tomorrow–it’s what we Libras do. But I will never be completely satisfied with my decision unless it is absolutely what I wanted from the start. Clear out the mind fog, calculations, pros and cons, and listen to your gut (heart, intuition, instinct, etc…). It is amazing how we truly know ourselves best when we actually listen to our own inner voice.

Now, if I can just shut down my inner Libra!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Serena says:

    Sounds like writing this DP was a painful decision…. or maybe not!


    1. historywino says:

      hah. Yes. I thought I would challenge myself to make a decision!


  2. Ms M Mango says:

    But if your gut isn’t in it. Then your heart isn’t in it. Hence the resulting failure. Realistically according to Freud if your subconscious mind is against it, ultimately your subconscious will control the outcome of the situation.


  3. historywino says:

    You have a point. Despite our attempts at reasoning, will our gut always sabotage our perfectly thought out decision if it was not a part of the decision-making process?


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