October is H&W’s Anniversary Month (Part 2)

Woven throughout the months of spring and summer of this past year are posts that I wrote to support local small businesses and events that I attended either for work as a Host with DC Hot Spots, or for fun. I am a huge supporter of small businesses, in general, as opposed to larger corporations and chains. I’ve made it a mission of mine to use my blog in a way to support those who need a little bit of “publicity” in order to do what they are most passionate about, because, after all, our passions define our legacies. I discovered a local coffee chain in a frozen yogurt shop in Washington, D.C.; I reviewed a bingo night hosted by a trendy boutique chain at a beautiful, historical hotel; I interviewed a local DC wedding photographer & recently, a local DC author; and I reviewed charity events such as Zoofari and Taste of the South in DC. All of these people, places, and events hold a special place in my heart.

Interviewing Nancy Pelosi at a red carpet event at Ford's Theatre in DC
Interviewing Nancy Pelosi at a red carpet event at Ford’s Theatre in DC

In addition to using my blog to support local businesses, I have also used it to promote other projects of my own. Last April, I participated in an “Artist Showcase” at the Hotel Rouge in Washington, DC. I dabble a bit in photography, and I was asked by the Hotel Rouge to “showcase” as one of five artists in an art show held at the hotel.  As part of my display, I used many of the photos that I took throughout some of my travels to places like Iceland and Costa Rica, but I also showed a few of my favorite sunset shots that I snapped unassumingly one evening as I was staging a portrait session at the monuments near the Potomac River.  I had a lot of fun planning and participating in the event itself, and it was great to have so much support from friends in the area.

One of my favorite groups of posts on my blog are my book reviews. Last spring, I started a book club with some women in DC with the intention of reading excellent literature—not your 50 Shades of Grey type stuff. The first book we started with was the novel, Who by Fire, by author, Mary L. Tabor. Mary was gracious enough to join us while we discussed her book, and she also gave us suggestions of other award-winning indie authors and titles to explore. Along with my goal of promoting local businesses, I also LOVE to promote writers who I believe are truly making beautiful pieces of art. You can check out some of my book reviews on this page. I hope to continue to review for as long as I can read. (With that said—authors, I’d like to review your novels.)

In addition to the many articles that I have written on my blog, I have also included some more creative pieces. I used one WordPress Daily Challenge to write from the point of view of the Old Post Office Pavilion in DC; I wrote about a morning experience in Venice Beach; and shared some excerpts from various creative essays that I’ve written over the years. Creative writing is definitely one of my passions, but I have not made it enough of a priority on my blog.

One of my favorite Virginia Winery cheese plates at Desert Rose Winery
One of my favorite Virginia Winery cheese plates at Desert Rose Winery

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention my posts about wine. Wine is something that I believe is very much an art in itself, and it is definitely one of my passions in life. There is a lot of history and science behind that five-ounce glass poured for you in a restaurant (or even that $5 bottle you picked up at the grocery store), which makes wine such an interesting topic in itself. In some of my posts, I have mentioned specific brands or types of wine that I like to drink; I’ve offered suggestions for budget wines to bring to parties; I’ve reviewed some of my favorite wineries; and I’ve even mentioned some music that pairs well with wine drinking. Wine is a theme that you will continue to see throughout my blog as I drink, explore, and review.

So which post, exactly, is my favorite so far? I’m not sure that I can pick just one. They’re all so personal; part of my journey.  Why don’t you tell me which one is yours.

Happy Anniversary, History & Wine!

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