A Cure for Your Next Morning Wine Drinking Regret

It’s an all-too familiar scenario in my life (yours too because you’re reading this).

Friend calls and asks you to meet for a glass of wine.

A glass of wine turns into a bottle…each.

Stumble (Uber) home and forget to drink water, wash your face, remove your clothes.

Wake up the next morning feeling less than stellar.

Chug water and coffee trying to normalize.

Barely make it through the day feeling hazy.

Friend calls and asks to meet for a glass of wine.

A glass of wine turns into…EVERY TIME.

Lucky for us, there’s a new product on the market that can help alleviate some of  that next morning wine-consumption regret. These delicious little recovery chewables by Zaca taste like your favorite berry-flavored candy, and they make you feel like you’re 22 again after a night on the town. Zaca tablets are all natural and sugar-free and packed with herbs and antioxidants to help you recover faster. I take them before, during, and after my wine (bottle) nights and definitely feel a difference in my head state after one too many Cabernets.

Some other things to know about Zaca chewables:

Help Hydration & Enhance Electrolytes

NON-GMO, Vegan, & Gluten-Free

Japanese Raisin Tree Offers Superior Live Detox Support

Increase Endurance

Mental Focus

No Artificial Flavors

Antioxidant Boost


So friends, don’t be a party pooper or live with regret the next morning, try some Zaca and get your life together a little faster. But keep drinking wine, please!


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