Michael Jackson and a Stuffed Platypus

So I caved on the WordPress Daily prompt again. Sometimes, these things are fun. It's more exciting as a writer when you wake up and have no idea what you are going to write about today, only to have some random idea thrown at you and you just write. Here I am, writing to you… Continue reading Michael Jackson and a Stuffed Platypus


Snow Fall Moments

Like an old filmstrip, my mind reels back to a time when we were all much younger and healthier; a distant memory behind all the haze created by adulthood drama and many nights of drinking too much wine. I can find this frame when I get lost inside myself, sliding down tunnels through memories to… Continue reading Snow Fall Moments

John Lennon Didn’t Play Football

This may be a series: Letters from my Aunt. My idea for this blog in the beginning was very different than most of the posts that I have been writing along the way. I saw this as a place to share stories; mainly historical stories about strangers. I never intended to share so many personal… Continue reading John Lennon Didn’t Play Football

A Quick Story about JFK’s Sexiness

After a request by a friend, I have been going back through the emails that my aunt and I shared over the past few years. We would write each other about what was going on in our lives, and we would also share stories--both fiction and true. This friend has asked that I post more… Continue reading A Quick Story about JFK’s Sexiness