These Ladies are Good

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and I totally dropped the ball on making it a big deal. I tried to recover on Twitter, but I should have been more on top of the day dedicated to celebrating us ladies. Because I am a day late (better late than never?), and everyone else already got their … Continue reading These Ladies are Good

Don’t Bring Backpacks into the Getty

I landed in Los Angeles around noontime today, February 6, 2013. (I literally almost said June, which tells you where my mind is, or isn’t, or maybe it’s just a reflection on the amount of wine I drank at “Wine Hour” at my hotel.) Excited about the afternoon of leisure that I had awaiting me … Continue reading Don’t Bring Backpacks into the Getty

What Do I Do With Killed Wine Bottles?

What happens when wine bottles go to heaven? You know, after you "kill" them by drinking all of the contents until there is nothing left except for a drop of wine deliciousness. Then, you try to lick that last drop off of the rim of the bottle before you toss it. No? Just me? Instead … Continue reading What Do I Do With Killed Wine Bottles?