In Self-Defense of Florida, and the Ironies of Gun Violence

I grew up in Florida, and I’m damn proud of it. Sure, we have our crazies and wackos and all the shenanigans that you read about in the news, but we also have miles and miles of glorious oceanfront property, and beautiful, untouched ecosystems in the form of fragile swamplands. We boast being the home… Continue reading In Self-Defense of Florida, and the Ironies of Gun Violence


Pilot Friends, Help Me Out

To those of you who really know me, it may not come as a surprise to learn that I am absolutely fascinated by flight. From the many times that I flew solo on weekends to visit my father starting at the age of 6 (the youngest Gold Status frequent flyer in US Air’s history), to… Continue reading Pilot Friends, Help Me Out

Individual Responsibility and the Tools of Havoc

Here we go again: another mass shooting, this time on California soil. California being a state with some of the toughest gun laws. The shooter is another young man. The victims are most likely strangers of the shooter. And we have another recurring thread that pops up in these mass shootings: mental illness. It was… Continue reading Individual Responsibility and the Tools of Havoc