Cat & Dog…People

Why I prefer cats. The fact that I felt the need to write this differentiates a “cat” person from a “dog” person. Why is it that people who own cats must always defend their choice in pets and endure being the butt of jokes and object of ridicule? I don’t think of myself as an … More Cat & Dog…People

Travel for Tolerance

There are few things in life that I loathe more than blatant ignorance with a side of prejudice. It never ceases to amaze me that people can live their whole lives without so much as a thought about how anyone else may choose to live theirs. As I mentioned in my post, The Beauty of … More Travel for Tolerance

Let Them Make Art

I hated art class when I was in school. I’m talking about that class that you had to take in middle school where the teacher made you draw things. I never got it. I remember my teacher saying to me once, “Can’t you see the circles in that painting? Draw circles and then you can … More Let Them Make Art