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May 2023: Match a Wine to Mom’s Personality 

April 2023: Savvy Drinkers, Prepare Your Palate for the Leading European Wine Trends

March 2023: A Taste of Central California Wine Country

February 2023: The Stunning Wines of South Africa

January 2023: Wine from the Jewel of the Iberian Peninsula

December 2022: Toast the Holidays with a Thoughtfully Selected Bottle of Bubbly 

November 2022: Bold Bottles for Your Holiday Table

October 2022: Thoughtful and Distinctive Wines from Chile

September 2022: Wines from the Ancient Deserts of Israel

August 2022: Delicious, Refreshing & Likely Unknown

July 2022: Save Summer with a Crisp Sauvignon Blanc

June 2022: Rosé All Day in Many Different Ways in Biscayne Times

May 2022: The Case for South American Cabernet Sauvignon

April 2022: The Vines & Wines of Languedoc

March 2022: Travel from SoFL to SoCal for Wine

February 2022: Wine Treats for Your Sweetie

January 2022: Local Wine Clubs to Inspire Discovery in 2022

December 2021: European Bubbly that Won’t Break the Bank

November 2021: Make Time for a Washington Wine Tasting Adventure

October 2021: Ghouls, Goblins, and Grenache

September 2021: Transport Yourself to the South of France with Wine

August 2021: Keep Cool with Pink Bubbly on Ice from Italy

July 2021: The American Fine Wine Competition in Miami

June 2021: Bring These Wines to the BBQ

May 2021: Sippin’ Springtime Wine

April 2021: Wine & Art Merge at Wine by the Bay

March 2021: Victoria James Brings the Wines of Cote to Miami

February 2021: Celebrate Vino with Vinya

January 2021: The Exquisite Wines of Vignernon Pierre Seillan

December 2020: Say Bye-Bye to 2020 with Bubbly

November 2020: American Wines for an American Holiday

October 2020: Fall in Love with Beaujolais

The below links are older articles that are no longer accessible on the web (unfortunately). Please refer to the links above for Biscayne Times articles that are still available to read.

August 2020: Brave the Heat with Lighter Reds

July 2020: For Chardonnay, Forgo the Oak

June 2020: Stock Up, and Hunker Down (Again)

May 2020: Stay Home with Old World Rosés

April 2020: Catch Up with Wines Down Under

March 2020: Wine in a Can

February 2020: New World Reds that Aren’t Cabernet Sauvignon

January 2020: Alternative Old World Wines at a Bargain

December 2019: Celebrate with Bubbly on a Budget

November 2019: Perfect Wines for the Thanksgiving Table

October 2019: Around the World in Seven Pinot Noirs

September 2019: A Sampling of Rhône Reds

August 2019: West Coast Sauv Blancs for East Coast Tastes

July 2019: Italian, Not Pinot Grigio

June 2019: Southern Hemisphere Chardonnays

May 2019: Bring Out the Sparkling Rose for May

April 2019: California, Here We Come

March 2019 Column: Iberian Whites Pair Well with Spring

February 2019 Column: Look What’s Up Down Under

January 2019 Vino Column: Easy-on-the-Wallet Wines for the New Year

December 2018 Vino Column: Celebration Bubbly that Won’t Break the Bank

November 2018 Vino Column: Wines for the Thanksgiving Table

October 2018 Vino Column: Sweet Treats for Your Wine Glass

September 2018 Vino Column: Behold the Season of the Red

August 2018 Column: Battle of the Sauvignon Blancs

July 2018 Column: Celebrate the Fourth with USA Wines

June 2018 Column: Old World Sipping for Your Miami Picnic

May 2018 Column: Have Some French Chardonnay for May

April 2018 Column: Celebrate Malbec World Day with these Argentine Reds

March 2018 Column: Springtime Means Pinot Grigio

February 2018 Column: Romance Her with French Reds

January 2018 Column: Budget Wines for the New Year

December 2017 Column: Holiday Reds

November 2017 Column: Wines for Giving Thanks

October 2017 Column: ‘Tis the Season for Lighter Reds

September 2017 Column: Take Five, From Chile

August 2017 Column: It’s Time to Try Some New White Wines

July 2017 Column: Palatable Pinks

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