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March 2021: Victoria James Brings the Wines of Cote to Miami

February 2021: Celebrate Vino with Vinya

January 2021: The Exquisite Wines of Vigernon Pierre Seillan

December 2020: Say Bye-Bye to 2020 with Bubbly

November 2020: American Wines for an American Holiday

October 2020: Fall in Love with Beaujolais

August 2020: Brave the Heat with Lighter Reds

July 2020: For Chardonnay, Forgo the Oak

June 2020: Stock Up, and Hunker Down (Again)

May 2020: Stay Home with Old World Rosés

April 2020: Catch Up with Wines Down Under

March 2020: Wine in a Can

February 2020: New World Reds that Aren’t Cabernet Sauvignon

January 2020: Alternative Old World Wines at a Bargain

December 2019: Celebrate with Bubbly on a Budget

November 2019: Perfect Wines for the Thanksgiving Table

October 2019: Around the World in Seven Pinot Noirs

September 2019: A Sampling of Rhône Reds

August 2019: West Coast Sauv Blancs for East Coast Tastes

July 2019: Italian, Not Pinot Grigio

June 2019: Southern Hemisphere Chardonnays

May 2019: Bring Out the Sparkling Rose for May

April 2019: California, Here We Come

March 2019 Column: Iberian Whites Pair Well with Spring

February 2019 Column: Look What’s Up Down Under

January 2019 Vino Column: Easy-on-the-Wallet Wines for the New Year

December 2018 Vino Column: Celebration Bubbly that Won’t Break the Bank

November 2018 Vino Column: Wines for the Thanksgiving Table

October 2018 Vino Column: Sweet Treats for Your Wine Glass

September 2018 Vino Column: Behold the Season of the Red

August 2018 Column: Battle of the Sauvignon Blancs

July 2018 Column: Celebrate the Fourth with USA Wines

June 2018 Column: Old World Sipping for Your Miami Picnic

May 2018 Column: Have Some French Chardonnay for May

April 2018 Column: Celebrate Malbec World Day with these Argentine Reds

March 2018 Column: Springtime Means Pinot Grigio

February 2018 Column: Romance Her with French Reds

January 2018 Column: Budget Wines for the New Year

December 2017 Column: Holiday Reds

November 2017 Column: Wines for Giving Thanks

October 2017 Column: ‘Tis the Season for Lighter Reds

September 2017 Column: Take Five, From Chile

August 2017 Column: It’s Time to Try Some New White Wines

July 2017 Column: Palatable Pinks

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