A Feminist on Sexuality: It’s Not Trump, It’s Culture

Some of my favorite things about being a woman are the very things that bring me the most grief for being a woman. There is nothing more empowering than being a sexy, sexual, full-of-feminine spirit type of woman; a woman who is confident in her body and mind and knows how to accentuate the most… Continue reading A Feminist on Sexuality: It’s Not Trump, It’s Culture


Why Does Cosmo Exist?

So I’ve been having a little online “discussion” in the comment thread for one of The Atlantic online articles. The article is called, “Women’s Magazines Objectify Women as Much as Men’s Magazines Do.” Interesting, right? Setting aside the fact that I think the article is poorly written (who is this Noah Berlatsky?), and I think… Continue reading Why Does Cosmo Exist?

March Madness

March is a crazy month. Seriously. College basketball is intense and unpredictable, allergies begin their attack with ferociousness, and the weather is...insane. If March were a person, she would be diagnosed with schizophrenia. I woke up this morning in Arlington County, Virginia to snow on the ground. Legitimate snow! We haven't had snow all winter… Continue reading March Madness

Travel for Tolerance

There are few things in life that I loathe more than blatant ignorance with a side of prejudice. It never ceases to amaze me that people can live their whole lives without so much as a thought about how anyone else may choose to live theirs. As I mentioned in my post, The Beauty of… Continue reading Travel for Tolerance

The Beauty of Difference

While I was out in LA a few weeks ago attending a Writers Studio novel writing class at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, I met a woman, also attending the class, who is Jewish and originally from Iran. She has lived in LA for much of her life, after deciding to stay in the US… Continue reading The Beauty of Difference