Barry Alberts, Cheers to You

Just two weeks ago, Barry Alberts and I were driving home from another fantastic dinner at Paradise Farms in Homestead, FL. Barry had asked me to help him pour four Spanish wines for the evening—wines he knew that I was familiar with, and that he had paired perfectly with the dishes prepared by some of… Continue reading Barry Alberts, Cheers to You


Keep Your Dinero Away From Mexico

I may get some flack for this blog post, but I'm not apologizing for it. Stay out of Mexico. Avoid it. Do not enter. Do NOT spend your money there. Whatever your vacation desires are, you are better off finding a beach in the Caribbean, Brazil, Costa Rica, or Miami. I dare each and every… Continue reading Keep Your Dinero Away From Mexico

Jon Hammar Deserves More Respect

...From the country he served. Don't expect this often on my blog. But this is a blog about history, and I believe that this young man is making history. (Look at me using the term "young man" referring to someone my own age.) Have you heard the Jon Hammar story? If you are reading this… Continue reading Jon Hammar Deserves More Respect

Red Wine and Ben and Jerry’s

I thought that I would keep this post "light".  NOT light on calories though. I don't believe in restricting the good things when you really want them. Cut back tomorrow. Don't deny today. Life is short! (Refer to previous post.) Be smart, happy, healthy and enjoy the good stuff. Ben and Jerry's Frozen Greek Yogurt.… Continue reading Red Wine and Ben and Jerry’s