Barry Alberts, Cheers to You

Just two weeks ago, Barry Alberts and I were driving home from another fantastic dinner at Paradise Farms in Homestead, FL. Barry had asked me to help him pour four Spanish wines for the evening—wines he knew that I was familiar with, and that he had paired perfectly with the dishes prepared by some of … Continue reading Barry Alberts, Cheers to You


A Lady’s History

Bits and pieces of essays that I have written over the years... There is something very mysterious about a woman’s past. It really does not matter who the woman is--princess or prostitute, the chances of her having some scandal lurking in the shadows of years left behind are high--higher than you will think at first … Continue reading A Lady’s History

A Letter to my Grandfather in Heaven

Dear Granddaddy, So much has happened in the year since you’ve gone to heaven. It is true what they say, that life goes on. You would know that best, having suffered so much loss over the 90 years you were lucky to have been granted for a life on earth. I can’t imagine what it must … Continue reading A Letter to my Grandfather in Heaven

Coral Gables: This Ain’t Your Idea of Miami

As I’ve mentioned in some of my other posts, such as The Keys House, I grew up in South Florida. Specifically, I grew up in Miami. Even more specifically, I spent the first 14 years of my life in Coral Gables, Florida—home of the U (That is the University of Miami, for all of you … Continue reading Coral Gables: This Ain’t Your Idea of Miami