October is H&W’s Anniversary Month (Part 1)

October is the anniversary month for my beloved blog, History & Wine. I could never have imagined from the moment of inception that this personal “creative project” would make it a year with over 100 posts, or so quickly be chosen as a WordPress “Freshly Pressed” blog. However, I am extremely grateful for all the … Continue reading October is H&W’s Anniversary Month (Part 1)


The Keys House

I was lucky enough to grow up in sunny South Florida, where I wore flip-flops all year round, and winter was only one week in January when the weather dipped below 60 for a couple of days in a row.  I remember thinking as a kid that I never wanted to live anywhere else in … Continue reading The Keys House

An American Family

I walked into the living room the other day and turned on the TV.  HBO was on. I normally don't watch TV, it's more of a background noise for me, so I didn't bother changing the channel when the movie that was playing wasn't something I recognized. After a few minutes of watching, however, I … Continue reading An American Family

History is What You Are/History is What You Make

I went to see my favorite folk band play at Wolf Trap last Friday night. I grew up listening to this band because there was a time back in the late 80s/early 90s that my Aunt Susi managed them. They are a group based out of Maine called Schooner Fare. If you haven't heard of them, … Continue reading History is What You Are/History is What You Make

John Lennon Didn’t Play Football

This may be a series: Letters from my Aunt. My idea for this blog in the beginning was very different than most of the posts that I have been writing along the way. I saw this as a place to share stories; mainly historical stories about strangers. I never intended to share so many personal … Continue reading John Lennon Didn’t Play Football

A Quick Story about JFK’s Sexiness

After a request by a friend, I have been going back through the emails that my aunt and I shared over the past few years. We would write each other about what was going on in our lives, and we would also share stories--both fiction and true. This friend has asked that I post more … Continue reading A Quick Story about JFK’s Sexiness

Robert Todd Lincoln

I went to see the movie, Lincoln, today. Great movie. Go see this movie. Daniel Day Lewis and Tommy Lee Jones both do an incredible job as Lincoln and Congressman Thaddeus Stevens, respectively.  The cast is outstanding, and the history lesson is one which we all should become familiar with. Lincoln had no easy task … Continue reading Robert Todd Lincoln