Venus and Serena, A Film Review

In a global sport largely associated in the past with the white upper-class, two African American sisters from Compton, California arguably changed the speed and face of the sport of tennis forever.  Venus and Serena is a fascinating documentary that dives into the lives of two of the most elite athletes worldwide, and gives us … Continue reading Venus and Serena, A Film Review

It’s Cultural

Spring time is the perfect time to get back into your cultural groove. I’m talking about going and doing things that you have neglected all winter while you were wrapped in a snuggie cocoon watching reruns of your favorite shows on TV. The weather is finally warming up here in the Mid-Atlantic, which means that … Continue reading It’s Cultural

Garden State is Still my Favorite

Out of character for myself, I’ve watched a lot of movies lately. Now that all the Oscar winners are out on DVD, I’ve been catching up on a lot of movies that I neglected while they were in the theater. You probably read my review of Zero Dark Thirty, which was an excellent movie. This … Continue reading Garden State is Still my Favorite

Zero Dark Thirty: Girl Power

Wow, have you seen this movie? Incredible. Before I get into anything here, let’s step out of our partisan shoes for one blog post. I do not want to get into a political discussion over truth vs. fiction in the film. This post is not about Obama; Bush; the CIA; water boarding; harsh interrogation techniques; … Continue reading Zero Dark Thirty: Girl Power