The Cork and Bottle, New Smyrna Beach, FL

In the spirit of supporting local small businesses, and in the taste of wine, I would like to introduce you all to a quaint little wine bar I discovered on Canal Street in Historic Downtown New Smyrna Beach, FL. Though I’m only passing through the area on an “east-coast-of-Florida road trip,” I thought I’d give … Continue reading The Cork and Bottle, New Smyrna Beach, FL

The Outside of August, A Book Review

“What do you need? Was what Alice wondered. Why would anyone want to windsurf to Lisbon? And why was it, she wondered, that this was the first thought she had: Her mother would not be worried but pleased. Alice could imagine how her eyes would shine at the thought of Gus courting danger. Alice, therefore, … Continue reading The Outside of August, A Book Review

It Rains Mud in Rome

...And other things I learned on my trip to Europe: COMING SOON! I promise I will post more about Austria and Italy once I get a moment to write a post--between working for money, writing for my UCLA course, and traveling to Minneapolis for work this week, I'm losing out on time to write what … Continue reading It Rains Mud in Rome

Europe Trip 2013: First few Days in Austria

I apologize for neglecting to post on the blog, but I have been traveling via plane and car to the destination where I am currently writing: Kleinlobming, Austria--in the beautiful Austrian state of Styria. An American friend and I have traveled here for the wedding of our Austrian friend, which will take place later this … Continue reading Europe Trip 2013: First few Days in Austria

Tourist Season in Washington

Here we go again. It’s mid-March and the sidewalks are filling up with khakis and fanny packs already. Just yesterday during my lunch break, I was pushing my way through a group of tie-dyed teenagers on the sidewalk by my office. I overheard one of them say to her friend, “Oh my gosh! We are … Continue reading Tourist Season in Washington