Lincoln Medal at Ford’s Theatre

Last night, I represented DC Hot Spots at the red carpet portion of the annual gala to honor the recipients of the prestigious Lincoln Medal at Ford's Theatre here in DC. This year's medal honorees were Dr. Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State under George W. Bush, and Bill Russell, arguably one of the best… Continue reading Lincoln Medal at Ford’s Theatre


The Textile Museum, Who Knew?

I admit that there are many places around the metro-DC area that I have not fully explored. I’m not proud of that fact, because you would think that after almost three years in the area, someone like me would have wrung this place dry of secret cubby holes and hidden gems. Alas, I still have… Continue reading The Textile Museum, Who Knew?

ZooFari for the Foodies

It is very possible that I found the best foodie event here in DC. Not, as you might imagine, at some brand new swanky eatery, or even a fancy downtown ballroom, but at a place that is not often associated with fine dining. I found it at the Zoo. For the past 20 years, the… Continue reading ZooFari for the Foodies

Taste of the South 2013

This past weekend I attended the annual charity gala in DC known as “Taste of the South.” This event, started in April of 1982 by a group of Southerners who were homesick and desperate to share a piece of their Southern heritage with the good folks of DC, remains one of the most popular charitable… Continue reading Taste of the South 2013