Second Choice Iconic

This is my story for the Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic. I never thought of myself as a “replacement,” but alas, it is what I have become; a replacement icon of sorts while the original is in repair. My innards, once forgotten and quiet with dust are overrun with school children and replica shops. My fate… Continue reading Second Choice Iconic


An Article about Vietnam-Not Written by Me

I wanted to share this article about serving in the Vietnam War written by James Webb. The article is rather long, so I will not post it in its entirety here, but I encourage you to read it. Not only is it a well written historical piece, but the sentiment that we have often skipped… Continue reading An Article about Vietnam-Not Written by Me

Zero Dark Thirty: Girl Power

Wow, have you seen this movie? Incredible. Before I get into anything here, let’s step out of our partisan shoes for one blog post. I do not want to get into a political discussion over truth vs. fiction in the film. This post is not about Obama; Bush; the CIA; water boarding; harsh interrogation techniques;… Continue reading Zero Dark Thirty: Girl Power