JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery Expands Brand Footprint With New Tasting Room In The Heart Of Downtown Paso Robles

One of my favorite wineries from a trip to Paso Robles earlier this year has opened a new tasting room in Downtown Paso. While I definitely think you should spend some time in the Downtown Paso area, make sure you get to the winery at some point as well. You won't be disappointed by a… Continue reading JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery Expands Brand Footprint With New Tasting Room In The Heart Of Downtown Paso Robles


August Vino Column “Battle of the Sauvignon Blancs”

What could be hotter than a wine rivalry? You decide: California or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc? Check out my latest Vino column in Biscayne Times for some economical suggestions from each region.  

“Cool” vs. “Hot” Climate Wines

It's true that certain grape varietals require a certain climate to produce quality wine. In fact, climate determines whether grapes can survive well at all. There is a very scientific reason that grape vines grow the best only between certain latitudes – 30-50 degrees in each hemisphere -- and this has a lot to do… Continue reading “Cool” vs. “Hot” Climate Wines

Individual Responsibility and the Tools of Havoc

Here we go again: another mass shooting, this time on California soil. California being a state with some of the toughest gun laws. The shooter is another young man. The victims are most likely strangers of the shooter. And we have another recurring thread that pops up in these mass shootings: mental illness. It was… Continue reading Individual Responsibility and the Tools of Havoc

39 Minutes in Venice Beach

She just wanted to get a taste of what it was like in the morning before it would be corrupted by the movement of the day. After picking up her rental, which was much bigger than the car that she drove at home, she made her way out to Venice Beach--just for her taste. This… Continue reading 39 Minutes in Venice Beach

Don’t Bring Backpacks into the Getty

I landed in Los Angeles around noontime today, February 6, 2013. (I literally almost said June, which tells you where my mind is, or isn’t, or maybe it’s just a reflection on the amount of wine I drank at “Wine Hour” at my hotel.) Excited about the afternoon of leisure that I had awaiting me… Continue reading Don’t Bring Backpacks into the Getty