Top 10 Wine Regions to Visit When Travel Resumes in 2021 on

When we all look back at 2020, what will we remember? We’ve spent the year “sheltering in place” with those who live in our household, and many folks may not plan on leaving their homes until the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day 2021. For most of the world, this has been a year of no travel. It’s a hard reality when your heart is full of wanderlust to be forced to stay put.

Traveling through the bottle with Greenhill Winery in Loudoun County, VA

Many of us have tried to make the best of it by “traveling through the bottle” and enjoying virtual tastings with our favorite wineries, and new ones, too! Exploration has taken on a different meaning, one that remains close to home and for wine lovers, solely in the glass.

Winetravelers and wanderlusters, fear not! There will come a day when borders reopen and travel resumes completely, although, we don’t know when that day will be. Hopefully, it will happen sometime in early 2021, and we can be back on a plane to a far-away place in no time. If 2020 was the year of staying home, perhaps 2021 will be the year of getting out of town!

Top 10 Wine Regions to Visit When Travel Resumes in 2021 on

In the meantime, let’s reflect on the good trips, and plan the next ones. For those of us who enjoy wine travel, it may be some time before we can experience the vineyards across the pond. In fact, our only option may be to focus on domestic travel for a while. Those who live closer to wine country may already be enjoying limited tastings and wine adventures with the safety of masks and social distancing. (How lucky!)

When travel fully resumes (hopefully) in 2021, where will you go? What is the first trip on the calendar?

In my latest article for, I give you the top 10 wine regions to visit when travel resumes in 2021. Which regions are on your list?

Red Fox Inn
Loudoun County, VA

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