October Vino Column “Around the World in Seven Pinot Noirs”

One of the best things about drinking wine is that each bottle can transport you to a place and time where those grapes were grown and where that bottle was made. Follow me around the world through these seven economical Pinot Noirs from different regions in my October Vino column in Miami newspaper, Biscayne Times.

August Vino Column “West Coast Sauv Blancs for East Coast Tastes”

It’s the old East Coast/West Coast rivalry, but this time, we just have to decide if we want to drink these West Coast Sauvignon Blancs at these economical prices. I love writing my monthly Vino column for Miami’s best newspaper, Biscayne Times, because it’s a quick snapshot of some of the wine options available within…

May Vino Column “Bring Out the Sparkling Rosé for May”

Who doesn’t love a sparkling rosé? With crisp acidity, refreshing bubbles, and that oh-so juicy red fruit flavor, it’s hard to deny that sparkling rosé is a winner for springtime.  In my May “Vino” column in Biscayne Times newspaper, I review a few delightful bottles of pink bubbles that won’t put you behind on your…

April Vino Column “California, Here We Come”

It has been a couple months since I included domestic wines in my monthly Vino column in Biscayne Times newspaper, so in April, I explore some economical red blends from California. Check it out & cheers!  

January Vino Column “Easy-on-the-Wallet Wines For the New Year”

Can you believe it is 2019 already? 100 years ago, our country was about to pass an amendment that would ban the making and selling of alcohol, sending our country into a 13-year long prohibition of alcohol. But that didn’t stop Americans from partying! Are we ready for the “Roaring 20s” again? Can we do…

January Vino Column–Biscayne Times

New Year, New Budget? Check out my latest Vino column in Miami-based newspaper, Biscayne Times for some extra-budget wine suggestions for the New Year!    

Mega Purple in Your Wine, Oh My

Any wine lover knows that once you begin to drink better wines, it is virtually impossible to return to the grocery store brands you knew and loved in your earlier wine drinking days. Sure, you have one label here or there that you keep on reserve to take to those not-so-important dinner parties, but for…