Charming Chilean Carménère

Few grapes have been so widely misunderstood as Chilean Carménère. Once thought to be nothing more than Merlot, this grape has had a pretty short lifespan as its own namesake in the country where it is now considered a flagship. It was in 1994, just about 25 years ago that Carménère was discovered to be…

Discover Chile’s Wine Country on

Wine isn’t all fun and games and which bar are we going to next. Sometimes, we have to get down into the nitty-gritty about wine regions, grapes, soils, farming, etc… One of the great things about the website Winetraveler is that the site offers insights into all of these facets of wine. Discover Chile’s Wine…

On Coravin: The Mystical Role of Music in Winemaking

Several years ago when I first met Aurelio Montes, Jr., winemaker at Montes Wines in Chile, to taste his wines during a visit to Miami Beach, he explained to me the process of using Gregorian chants in his cellars where some of the premium  Montes wines aged in barrels. It was a technique that I…

Wine Wednesday: VIK Wines in MIAbites

In celebration of Wine Wednesday and the holidays, I reviewed a wonderful wine treat at Fogo de Chão on Miami Beach. Meet VIK wines out of Chile in my article for MIAbites.

Chilean Wines to Indulge in This Week

South American wine is so hot right now, and not just because some of the best economical wines are coming out of that continent. Countries like Chile and Argentina have stunning wine countries with rich histories that can rival the countryside and wine folklore coming out of California or France. Perhaps the rustic nature of…

September Vino Column–Biscayne Times

Check out my September Vino column in the Miami-based newspaper, Biscayne Times. This month, I give you a few suggestions for some economical Chilean wines. Hope you enjoy! Cheers!  

South American Wine: Beyond Malbec!

Check out my latest article in the August 2016 issue of  Let’s Eat Magazine— about some interesting South American varietals–including specific winery recommendations for each one. If you are in the Miami, FL area, look for the magazine in your mailbox, or at restaurants in Coral Gables. Enjoy!