On Coravin: The Mystical Role of Music in Winemaking

Several years ago when I first met Aurelio Montes, Jr., winemaker at Montes Wines in Chile, to taste his wines during a visit to Miami Beach, he explained to me the process of using Gregorian chants in his cellars where some of the premium  Montes wines aged in barrels. It was a technique that I had not heard much about before, so the story of the synergies between music and wine was of great interest to me.

Aurelio’s explanation of his technique stuck with me, and I was reminded of it again as we toured a very small “basement” production house out in the Champagne-Ardenne region called Champagne Apollonis earlier this year. The winemaker, Michel Loriot, also uses music as part of his aging method, although different music and for a different reason. In fact, at Apollonis, they also use music in the vineyards and label their wines according to the level of vibrations the wine experienced during the aging process. Again, it was all very interesting to learn how producers in very different regions are using music in their winemaking.

I sent out a request on social media for more producers who use music througout the winemaking process to reach out, and I was introduced to an organic Primitivo producer in Italy. He, too, was very proud to share why he chooses to play music while his prized wines rest before bottling.

For my latest article on the Coravin company blog, I’m exploring the mystical role of music in the winemaking process, and how three different producers from three very different regions around the world are all on-board with music being an integral part of the process of growing the grapes and making them into premium wines.

From France to Italy and down to Chile, learn more about these three producers and why they choose to play music for their wines, as well as exactly what kind of music they believe is best. It’s a story about the magic in winemaking, which is already equal parts art and science. Read more on Coravin.

music in winemaking process
The View from Champagne Apollonis

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