Red, White, and Madeira

Picture this: It is July 4, 1776, and the Continental Congress of the thirteen rebellious American colonies has just adopted a wildly liberal document called The Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson, the main author of the document, along with his four co-authors, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, and Benjamin Franklin, are surely settling into a … More Red, White, and Madeira

The Gospel of Wine

When, exactly, was the beginning of viniculture as we know it? Obviously, wild grapevines have been growing on earth as long as there has been vegetation on the planet; but when, exactly, did humans start cultivating grapes to make wine? This question is fiercely debated by scholars who are schooled way beyond my level of … More The Gospel of Wine

October is H&W’s Anniversary Month (Part 1)

October is the anniversary month for my beloved blog, History & Wine. I could never have imagined from the moment of inception that this personal “creative project” would make it a year with over 100 posts, or so quickly be chosen as a WordPress “Freshly Pressed” blog. However, I am extremely grateful for all the … More October is H&W’s Anniversary Month (Part 1)

A Lady’s History

Bits and pieces of essays that I have written over the years… There is something very mysterious about a woman’s past. It really does not matter who the woman is–princess or prostitute, the chances of her having some scandal lurking in the shadows of years left behind are high–higher than you will think at first … More A Lady’s History

The Virginian Who Might Have Saved Lincoln, A Book Review

“They had put the president’s health, well being and safety in my hands, under their threat to me. How had they put it? ‘We entrust the sacred life of Mr. Lincoln to your keeping. If you don’t protect it, never return to Illinois, or we will murder you on sight.’ I didn’t drop my guard … More The Virginian Who Might Have Saved Lincoln, A Book Review

History & Wine’s “Guest Appearance” on NMR

Check out my guest post on the blog, New Modern Republicans. I think you might appreciate some of my insights–after several glasses of wine, of course. You can find the link to the post here: Introducing our Distinguished D.C. Guest Blogger-Jacqueline Coleman. If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them here, or … More History & Wine’s “Guest Appearance” on NMR