Frank Sinatra: 100 Years of Ol’ Blue Eyes

Charisma never dies—or at least, it lives on through the legacies created by those who possess it and use it for good. So it almost seems unnecessary to commemorate what would have been a mere 100 years of a charismatic life, when we have the rest of time to enjoy it. However, any occasion is grand enough to celebrate a man who embodies all of the ageless traits of an everlasting soul. Frank Sinatra’s charisma and talent are on bold display, as close to real life as one can get in 2016, for the next three months at the History Miami Museum in Downtown Miami.

The opening party for this exhibit on Thursday, March 3rd was touted as one of the “best things to do in Miami” for the week. At this swanky event, hosted at the History Miami Museum, time traveling revelers were transported from the present back to a magical moment when big band was king, and festive feather displays were a party’s best friend. Champagne and Jack Daniel’s cocktails were generously poured by vest-adorned bartenders, and crooning singers and sax players swayed to the sounds of an era. The generational divide between the Greatest, Boomers, X, & Y was swept away by the prevailing feeling that art and history truly unify us all in the spirit of appreciation for the ageless quality of a time represented by the sounds of Sinatra.

The enchantment of the opening night lingers on through the halls of the exhibit, which showcase all of Sinatra’s life; from humble beginnings in Hoboken, to scandals of youth, to the iconic man we know behind the mic and on screen. The stories are a part of a timeless legacy, and the photos on display capture moments behind the scenes of a life lived on a stage. Scheduled throughout the course of the exhibit, which runs through June 5th, will be various Sinatra-themed events including a Whiskey Tasting, Sinatra Lyrics as Poetry Workshop, a dinner & conversation with Eliot Weisman, and an evening to discuss Sinatra’s time in Miami. Part of South Florida history– let us not forgot the moments & movies Sinatra made during his stays in Miami during the 1950s & 60s—a slice of his eternity in the Magic City.

For more information on the Sinatra: An American Icon exhibit & scheduled events, visit the History Miami website, or Facebook page.

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