The Second Chances of Priam Wood, A Book Review

Have you ever suffered from regret? Do you believe in second chances? If you were given the chance to relive the most regrettable days of your life, would you? Author Alexander Rigby looks at these questions in his debut novel, The Second Chances of Priam Wood.

As he floats through some kind of afterlife holding space immediately following his death at 70 years old, Priam Wood is visited by the last living soul who loved him on earth, his dog, Chloe. Chloe magically grants him the opportunity to relive the seven days he regretted most in his life, and he can make any changes that he would like in order to rectify his mistakes. The catch? Priam has to live the days as they originally occurred first before he can make the changes he so desperately wants to make. The journey he embarks on in the quest to save love and create happiness is both painful and full of hope.

Click here to order the book on Amazon
Click here to order the book on Amazon

In this touching novel, Rigby explores the ideas of love, family, life and death in a unique way through experiences relived in the life of his main character. Through extensive dialogue and memory playback, we see how Priam learns more about himself, his capacity for love, and how mistakes shaped his life through his deepest regrets. We learn through his story that even though we may try to rectify previous mistakes, real life will never be free of pain. After all is said and done, would you choose the seven days as they occurred originally in your life? Or would you choose the altered days, with the potential for a whole new set of personal tragedies? The Second Chances of Priam Wood gives readers a creative way to weigh the consequences of regret and second chances in one man’s life.


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