The Cork and Bottle, New Smyrna Beach, FL

In the spirit of supporting local small businesses, and in the taste of wine, I would like to introduce you all to a quaint little wine bar I discovered on Canal Street in Historic Downtown New Smyrna Beach, FL. Though I’m only passing through the area on an “east-coast-of-Florida road trip,” I thought I’d give the place a little space on my

The Cork and Bottle is a brand new (4 weeks old), cozy restaurant hidden down on one end of the main drag in the quiet downtown area of NSB. The sign on the window says, “A Unique Canal Street Eatery.” While I can’t vouch for the complete uniqueness of this eatery as opposed to the others on Canal, I can say that I enjoyed my experience and would like to return for an afternoon of “happy hour” someday (which lasts from 2PM-6PM everyday except for Sunday and Monday).

Our relaxed dining experience in this sweet little wine cove was complimented by the hospitality of the staff. Our server (new to Florida herself) was very friendly and knowledgeable about the budding business.  She graciously answered all of my questions, which may have seemed more like an interrogation.



As I mentioned, happy hour is not limited to an hour or so in the evenings, it is in fact all afternoon from 2PM-6PM at The Cork and Bottle.  On game days, you can watch football on the small TV, and on Sundays, you can complement your church routine with brunch. A new special is offered in addition to the menu each day. Our special of the day was a “Blacken Bleu Chicken Flatbread” with sun-dried tomato, red onion, bleu cheese spread, and a balsamic glaze. (Are you hungry yet?)

For those of you who may want just a sip of something, The Cork and Bottle has an extremely affordable wine list.  You can browse through a selection of wines from Italy, Napa Valley, New Zealand, Germany, and Argentina, to name a few of the regional choices. And of course for the beer drinkers, there is a beer selection as well (including a Woodchuck Amber Cider—which is about the only beer I can handle).

Next time you choose to visit the beautiful beaches of the New Smyrna Beach area, stop by The Cork and Bottle for a sip of wine, a bite of one of the daily specials, or an afternoon of Happy Hours!




The Cork and Bottle

124 Canal Street

New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

(386) 410-4937

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