“Wine” Photography

Some of you may know that I dabble in amateur photography.  I’ve submitted a few photos from my trip to Argentina this past May to the annual Smithsonian photo contest.

One of my favorites is a snap I took at Piattelli Vineyards outside of Cafayate, Argentina in the Salta Province. This photo showcases the vines at the end of harvest as they transition into dormancy for the winter in order to prepare for bud break in Spring, with the hopes of another successful growing season. Such is the life cycle of the grape vine!

Salta has a beautiful wine country, which is lesser-known than the famous Argentine Mendoza region. However, Salta is the home of the highest vineyards in the world and also the oldest vineyards in Argentina at Bodega Colomé, which I highlighted in an article I wrote for Let’s Eat magazine.

Hope you enjoy the photo, and feel free to also take a look at some of my friendly Sea Lion shots that were taken during a trip to Ushuaia, Argentina while on a cruise through Beagle Channel at “the end of the world.”

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