Wine Accessories & Gift Ideas for the Holidays

All wine lovers know that as the holidays roll around and gifts are distributed amongst friends and family they should expect at least a half dozen new bottles of wines before we all say Happy New Year. The more friends you have, the more wine you receive over the holidays– so it goes for people like me, and all the rest of you who have earned the title “wine-o of the group.”

We should all appreciate the thought behind any gift (Right? That’s what mom said!), but if you are indeed a wine connoisseur, it’s probably safe to assume that you already have a pretty decent collection of wine, and your friends with less discerning palates, while they mean well, have a holiday budget that doesn’t include that bottle of Don Melchor you’ve been eyeing at the store (hint: if you have an extra $125++ to spend on a gift, you can buy the wine).

Holiday shoppers of all levels of wine knowledge should benefit from a list of suggested gifts for wine lovers that does not include a bottle of wine, because, you know we like other things too–as long as they’re wine-related.

Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of a few gifts to consider for the wine-o in your life that does not contain the same bottle of 14 Hands Washington State red you buy every year because of the colorful horses on the label.

Thread & Whisk Larkspur 2 Bottle Wine Carrier

Photo by Thread & Whisk

This is a gift that your favorite wine lover is sure to never leave home without. The Larkspur wine carrier is part of Thread & Whisk’s Bloom Culinary Tote collection, which features fashionable food & wine carriers that resemble designer purses and make more of a statement than the plastic grocery bags you’re used to carrying your lunch to work in every day.

I love my Larkspur wine carrier in the “Sand Dollar” color because I can take it anywhere and it discreetly and chicly holds at least two bottles of wine or Champagne (although I’ve actually fit a few more in there as an off-label usage).

The bag also features a drawstring to close the top, and an adjustable leather strap so that you can sling that baby over your shoulder and take it with you to the beach or the BBQ. I’ve snuck some wine in a few places because the stylish Larkspur doesn’t scream, “hey, I’m smuggling wine!”.

The bag retails for about $128 on the Thread & Whisk website, and I can tell you that it absolutely makes a lovely gift for your wine-loving friend who has every bottle she ever needed. Check out the Thread & Whisk website and see if you can find the Larkspur in a color that’s just right for your loved one!

Snowfox Stemless Stainless-Steel Glasses

Photo by Snowfox

There’s a strong chance that your wine-loving mother already has 16.5 collections of wine glasses in various locations around her home. The last thing she needs is another set of beautiful stemware that must be kept in the fine crystal cabinet.

On the other hand, you may have some super casual friends who only drink their wine from Solo cups or coffee mugs because they get the mugs for free and they steal the cups from parties, but they still really like wine.

Did you know there’s a gift that works for both of these types of people?

In a wine-uniting way, Snowfox has created several very cool lines of stemless stainless-steel glassware that can appeal to everyone from the most casual drinker to the more elegant sipper. In fact, these products are so fashionable and durable that they can be used outside, inside, at a BBQ, or a dinner party. Snowfox even makes it easy for you to decide which collection to purchase by calling them the “Indoor,” “Outdoor,” “Everyday,” and “Elegance” collections. Personally, I love the white and gold “Elegance” wine glasses, but I see the value in each collection.

For a set of two glasses, expect to pay $35, and expect that your wine-loving gift recipient will appreciate the unique present.

Visit the Snowfox website for all the collections and colors.

Wine Reads, an Anthology of Wine Stories

Wine Reads, Published by Atlantic Monthly Press

Oh man! I got really excited about this one. As someone who loves wine and who writes about wine, the Wine Reads literary anthology would be my favorite gift of the group.

In this book, wine columnist and novelist, Jay McInerney, selects over 20 pieces of fiction and nonfiction stories about wine. From the making to the drinking, Wine Reads gives wine a literary spin in a romantic way through storytelling. Because each piece is independent of the other, you can read the book from cover to cover, or pick out the stories you want to read at random (no commitment, yay!).

It’s time to pair your reading with your favorite glass of wine and indulge in a little “wine lifestyle” pleasure. Think of this as a great gift for the wine-loving reader or writer in your life.

Look for Wine Reads on Amazon.

Wine Block

Photo by Wine Block

OK, so this gifty-thing fits into the “stocking stuffer” category, but I would even encourage you to include it with a bottle of red wine you are gifting this year, if you must gift a bottle.

Wine Block is a nifty tool that helps your teeth stay whiter as you sip on Malbec all night. Just apply a bit of wine block to your teeth and lips before each glass, and you’ll avoid embarrassing purple stains all night.

It comes in a cute little lip-balm container that can be discreetly stored in a purse or pocket, and no one will know the difference as you apply. Never attend a girls’ night out or first date without it! Perfect for your single wine-drinking friends who don’t want to showcase purple lips before a first kiss.

Wine Block is $14 and available through the website.

I’ve personally tried all these products and can attest to their holiday gift-giving worthiness. I’m sure your favorite wine-o will always appreciate another bottle of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay this year, but I’d also recommend you switch it up a bit. Consider a new #winelife accessory this holiday season!

*These products were sent to me as samples for my fair review. All opinions are mine.

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