‘Tis the Season for a White Burgundy

With the warmer weather creeping in, you may be rosé-ing all day right now, but if you want to take a break and try something a little different, may I suggest a refreshing white Burgundy? White wine from Burgundy is almost always Chardonnay, but these wines are not your mother’s California Chardonnay. Typically, they are lighter in style with fresh, refreshing fruit (apples, citrus) and minerality that isn’t weighed down by hardy oak.

If you already love Chablis, you’re on the right track.  Let’s try a couple bottles from some lesser known regions of Burgundy.

Here are a few nice suggestions.

If you enjoy a Pouilly Fuissé:

Try Instead: Saint-Véran, 2017, Domaine Delaye, Les Pierres Grises

Average price: $15

Appellation Saint-Véran Contrôlée

My notes:

This wine is so bright and fresh that it reminds me of crisp white sheets straight out of the laundry, but with much better flavor. The color is a clear straw yellow, and the nose is full of clean minerality and fresh green apples sprinkled with citrus peel and a pear. On the palate, the acidity is strong, but so is the citrus-sprinkled fruit and crisp minerality. A light bodied wine with a very enjoyable lengthy finish.

More about Saint-Véran from the Bourgogne Wines Board: The southern part of Mâconnais, surrounding the larger Pouilly-Fuissé appellation, makes dry white wines under the name Saint-Véran. These wines are well-rounded and possess a quality of freshness and minerality. Pale-ochre and crystal-clear, aromas range from cinnamon, butter or pear. Expect pleasant surprising citrus notes upon first taste, a fatty or fried fish, as well as wood mushrooms, make for a balanced accompaniment.

If you enjoy whites from Meursault:

Try instead: Monthélie, 2014, Domaine Laurent Boussey, 1er Cru Sur La Velle

Average price: $40-46

Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée Monthélie

My notes:

This wine is a clear golden yellow, with a few more years to it than the previous one, as well as perhaps some oak aging involved. A strong nose of apples, pears, lemons, along with some toasty vanilla and almond. This is a more medium-full bodied white with medium acidity and alcohol and those toasty notes floating throughout the palate. Still fruit present in the mouth, accounting for the citrus and apple found on the nose. Overall, a smooth drinker with a long length, but more weight than the last wine.

About Monthélie from the Bourgogne Wines Board: Only one mile in the Côte de Beaune, nestled into a hillside, the vines of Monthélie are home to 15 Premiers Crus. The white wines are the real stars, citrus and smooth in taste, balanced with a level of mellowness and acidity, exemplifying the standard for any exceptional white wine. Warm golden hues make up its color palette and notes of apple and hazelnut can be found. Pair with fresh crustaceans or a selection of blue cheeses.

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