On Coravin: The Voyage of Viognier in the U.S.

There are some grapes that you don’t see very often on wine lists, but when you get a great bottle of these varieties, it can take your night from “good” to “great.” One of these grapes is Viognier. I’m a big fan of this white Rhône variety that was nearly extinct about 50 years ago, but has made a big comeback in vineyards around the world over the past 30 years or so. It’s versatile as a wine, but can be tricky on the vine, which gives it a bit of an elusive quality.

From some of the finest dessert wines to full-bodied dry table wine, Viognier plays many roles in the wine world and on wine lists. I was excited to have the opportunity to explore some of its history across the United States from Virginia to Central California for Coravin’s blog.

In my latest article for Coravin, join me on a voyage of Viognier as we hear from two prominent winemakers who are masters of Viognier in California’s Paso Robles region and Virginia. We’ll learn how the wine can be made as a single varietal and in blends, and what makes Viognier such a major “comeback kid.” Read more about this lucious, aromatic grape and its history here.

Cheers! And feel free to leave your questions about Viognier in my comments.

Viognier at Tablas Creek Winery
Viognier at Tablas Creek Winery


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