Find Your New Favorite Bottle of Wine at Wine Insiders

What if I told you that there was a great way to discover new wines by having an assortment of bottles delivered right to your door? Sounds easy enough, right?  When you order on Wine Insiders, you have the opportunity to choose exactly which wines you want to drink, or you can pick one of the pre-arranged sets that have been curated for you so that you can try a producer or style you may not have ever chosen for yourself. You really never know when you may find your next favorite bottle.

Wine Insiders Delivers Wine to Your Door
Wine Insiders Delivers Wine to Your Door

When it comes to the sets, choose four or six-bottle sets, corporate gift sets, winemaker sets, or one of the themed Martha Stewart Wine Collection packages. Wine Insiders gives you free shipping for six or more bottles too, so there’s no extra cost when ordering more wines. All of the wines on the site are competitively priced with a special Wine Insiders price, giving you the freedom to pick and choose wines from all over the world without breaking the bank.

I recently tried out Wine Insiders and had six bottles shipped to my home. Here are my reviews and thoughts on these wines.

Scavi & Ray Ice Prestige Sparkling Wine, Italy, $15.99

Ice, ice, baby, right? Sometimes, you just want a medium-dry, fruity sparkling wine that you can serve on ice at your next pool party or on the boat. Scavi & Ray has you covered on that one. Serve very chilled, and relax. That’s it! It’s a no-judgment zone wine. Spumante. 10.5% alcohol.

Cala De’ Poeti Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2017, Italy, $14.99

Ruby red like Dorothy’s slippers, this Montepulciano wine is bursting with ripe cherry aromas and flavors. Lighter bodied and fresh, Cala De’ Poeti is a balanced wine with mild acidity. Bring on the pasta and pizza, because this is a perfect bottle to enjoy with your next Italian meal. No strings attached to this wine. 100% Montepulciano grapes. 13% alcohol.

Duck Point Sauvignon Blanc 2018, New Zealand, $16.99

Zesty citrus and herbs are what you get with this New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. It’s got juicy lime and tropical fruits that attack the palate with bursts of flavor before finishing with some more green and grassy notes that keep the wine complex and evolving. It’s an energetic wine with balanced acidity and crispness. 12.5% alcohol.

Château Guillaume Blanc 1562 Bordeaux Supérieur 2016, France, $24.99

Don’t be confused by the “blanc,” as this is not a white wine. Guillaume Blanc was elected Consul to the town of Sainte-Foy-la-Grande in 1562, hence the name. The Château sits near this town where it has been located since the 16th century. Deep burgundy red wine with a nose of candied raspberries, and ripe blackberries, blueberries, and cinnamon spice. Smooth tannins round out the palate and the dark fruits lead you to a pleasant finish. A well balanced Bordeaux that could be enjoyed alone or with a hearty meal. Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. 13.5% alcohol.

Roncalla Organic Vino Bianco, Italy

Light, floral, and fresh like a springtime! This white blend from Italy is easy-breezy and perfectly refreshing. Not looking for a lot of complexity? This is a perfect bottle for you. It’s like white linen on a summer day. Peachy on the finish, which is soft and unoffensive. White blend. 12% alcohol.

Sierra Trails Old Vine Zinfandel 2017, California

Jammy, juicy California Zinfandel. If we’re talking typicity, this wine has it nailed. The nose is all grandma’s strawberry jam with some sweet vanilla spices and cherry bubble gum. On the palate, it’s exactly what you’d expect. Heavy strawberries dominate with raspberry jam and low tannins. It’s a big red fruit punchbowl, but with alcohol. These grapes come from some of California’s oldest Zinfandel plantings. 14.5% alcohol.

Use my code, “historyandwine” for 30% off of your Wine Insiders order!


*These wines were provided to me by Wine Insiders for my review. 

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