On Coravin: The Perfect Pairing: Wine & Art with Leanne Laine

One of the original pillars of my blog, when I started writing it back in 2012, was to incorporate articles about art and artists. I believe that art is totally part of the “wine lifestyle,” as wine itself is a work of art (and science), and those who appreciate the finer wines of the world also tend to appreciate pleasures such as admiring art.

One of the first artists I interviewed as a writer was Leanne Laine. She is a fabulous artist based in British Columbia, Canada who focuses on wine-themed artwork. I’ve been following Leanne ever since I published her interview on my blog in 2013, and I was really excited when I pitched the idea to interview her again to Coravin, and they agreed.

On Coravin: The Perfect Pairing: Wine & Art with Leanne Laine

Paintings by Leanne Laine
Paintings by Leanne Laine

Just in time for the holiday season, my latest interview with Leanne Laine is available on the Coravin company blog. I say this is great for the holiday season because Leanne’s wine art is just the perfect gift for your favorite wine lover. She has a bunch of beautiful “women in wine” pieces, but can also custom make artwork, such as her Silhouwine Portraits, for your home or business.

What is most remarkable about Leanne is that she has come so far as a professional in her lifetime. From very humble beginnings (that you can read about in the article) to becoming a full-time artist, Leanne is a testament to how hard work and passion can pay off in the long run.

For a perfect pairing, learn more about Leanne Laine and her wine art in my latest article for Coravin.

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