January Vino Column “Alternative Old World Wines at a Bargain”

Wow, can you believe it’s 2020? Just think about it. 100 years ago, our fellow Americans were entering into 13 long years of alcohol prohibition. It’s hard to believe that someone could survive 13 years without being able to just go over to their neighborhood wine shop and buy whatever bottles they wanted. It’s unfathomable at this point!

January Vino Column “Alternative Old World Wines at a Bargain”

With the New Year here, instead of punishing yourself and participating in that silly “Dry January” stuff, I challenge you to “Try January” this year. This means that you should push yourself to try new and different bottles outside of your comfort zone. In my latest Vino column for Miami newspaper, Biscayne Times, I provide you with notes on seven alternative Old World wines that can all be found at bargain prices (under $10)–to help those of you who may be feeling the pinch after the expensive holiday season.

Try these wines and see which ones you like. If you don’t like one, no biggie, right? It’s only $10 or less investment. However, if you find that one of the bottles really speaks to you, then you’ve made a fantastic discovery that you can keep with you throughout the year (and for years to come, unlike our brothers and sisters 100 years ago).

So, this January is very special. Not only are we starting the  2020s, but there is plenty of time to check out new wines and really get into trying something different. We are lucky that in most places across our country, we have easy access to a world of wine. Get out there & celebrate Try January, and then continue that philosophy throughout the year.

Cheers & Happy New Year!

Vino Column Biscayne Times
Photo by Biscayne Times

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