March Vino Column “Wine in a Can”

Canned wine is all the rage now! Or is it?

Have you tried one yet? It may sound like a foreign concept to the strictest wine-lovers, but canned wines can actually be quite convenient.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Amanda Fraga, Head Sommelier for The Genuine Hospitality Group, and I recently tasted through about 10 different canned wines to find our favorites (and we did). What you may not have known is that I was already tasting some other cans for my March Vino column in Biscayne Times newspaper (out now!).

March Vino Column “Wine in a Can”

I will say that not all canned wines are worth your money. Some are downright bad, others are OK, and there are definitely a few that were standouts (look for VINNY in the yellow can). Personally, I prefer a sparkling canned wine because I simply enjoy the carbonation when drinking from a can. Canned rosé is more my speed over some of the canned red or white wines. However, it’s a good idea to note that all canned wines should be served chilled, even the reds. It is simply more enjoyable to drink them chilled.

I did notice while tasting that the metal flavor would creep in occasionally when you sip out of the can. Perhaps this could be remedied by pouring the wine into a glass when possible, but that may defeat the purpose of having the can, which can easily be thrown in a cooler and brought along to the beach, pool, or on the boat.

Lastly, it’s super important to note that each 375ml can equals 2.5 glasses of wine. That is half a bottle of wine! Be careful when drinking wine from a can because it can be easy to unintentionally over consume! Watch your can intake, and don’t try to go one-for-one with your beer-drinking friends because you are consuming about twice the alcohol per can.

Check out my latest Vino column and let me know if there are any canned wines you’ve had lately that were standouts, or duds–we need to know about those, too!


Wine in a Can
Photo by Biscayne Times

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