Assyrtiko Grape Profile on

While traveling is on hold, I’ve been doing quite a bit of studying and research throughout all these virtual wine tastings & certification courses online. It has been nice to have this slower period in my life to actually get some of this stuff done! I can’t tell you how many times “before” I wanted to do more reading but just didn’t have the time. Now, we have been “grounded” and forced to rely on the computer and technology for entertainment, education, and socialization, which has forced more studying and reading in my world.

(However, with that said, I’m also desperate to get out of here and experience new things, too!)

Assyrtiko Grape Profile on

I’ve enjoyed getting to know some grapes better over the past couple of months. I’ve written about a few for, and more are coming! My most recent project? Profiling the Greek grape, Assyrtiko.

Before everything was shut down, I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon focused on Assyrtiko. I didn’t have much experience with this grape prior to that, other than a great bottle we enjoyed at Fleming’s Steakhouse, courtesy of Operating Partner, Eddie Everett. As with most of these educational wine lunches, I was impressed with the perfect pairings and intrigued by the grape that was showcased in various diverse styles.

What do you know about Assyrtiko?

Did you know that many of the Assyrtiko vines located on Santorini are old vines of 70+ years old?

Learn more about this white grape and the fresh wines that come from it through my latest grape profile piece on Winetraveler.


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