June Vino Column “Stock Up & Hunker Down (Again)”

We’ve had a crazy year so far, and it’s only halfway through. Part of me is surprised by this, and part of me feels like it’s still March 15th when we went into lockdown.  Where did the past few months go?

June Vino Column “Stock Up & Hunker Down (Again)”

In South Florida, the summer months bring the beginning of our annual Hurricane Season. We all sit and wait in the sticky heat for the next storm warnings before we “hunker down” for the next few days. Although this year, we’ve been hunkering down for a while now, so I think we got that covered!

Before the big storm hits, it’s important to have important supplies like toilet paper (just kidding), bottled water, batteries, non-perishable food, and LOTS of wine. You never really know how long you’ll have to wait after the storm for power to be restored and commerce to resume.

Because June, July, August, and September can be the most humid months of the year, and the worst for hurricanes, we definitely need a few bottles to help us cool down in the South Florida heat. In my June Vino column for Miami-based newspaper, Biscayne Times, I give you a few economical suggestions of interesting whites that aren’t your usual Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, or Sauvignon Blanc.

From Gavi to Assyrtiko, and Torrontés to Muscadet, let’s explore a few bottles of wine that will be excellent accompaniments to the hot, hot summertime. Get a little adventurous this summer, even if only on the wine aisle.

Photo by Biscayne Times

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