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There are some countries that we may not automatically think about when we think about wine-producing regions. Though wine has been made in this area for thousands of years, it was not until Baron Edmond de Rothschild founded the modern wine industry here that  Israel started producing wine for mass consumption in the 1880s-90s. But the industry did not flourish until the 1980s when technological advances made their way into the region. By the 1990s, a winery boom began as internationally trained winemakers made their mark on a blossoming industry.

Now, Israel has several official wine regions that are all making top-quality wines for consumers around the world. Internationally recognized as a wine-producing country, Israel is home to award-winning wines and passionate, ambitious winemakers with vision.

For more information on the wines of Israel and a regional wine profile, head over to, where you can find my latest article outlining the terroir, grapes, and regions that make up Israeli wine country.

Have you ever had a wine from Israel? What did you think? What was the name of the producer?

Photo by David Silverman/DPSimages Copyright © 2018 David Silverman. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy of Wines of Israel.


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