July Vino Column “For Chardonnay, Forgo the Oak”

Oaked or unoaked?  That is the question! At least when it comes to Chardonnay.

Where do you stand? Are you a steel tank aging-only kinda gal? Or an oakey-dokey bloke?

When it comes to styles of Chardonnay, there can be quite a bit of controversy. How you enjoy your glass of wine is completely up to you (drink what you like), but this is one grape that can rattle the nerves of wine-os everywhere. Is there any other variety that elicits quite as much opinion-spewing when it comes to like or dislike?

As for me, I guess I can like any style when done right. I probably wouldn’t choose a super oaked bottle of Chardonnay, or a cheaper oaked version, which likely uses staves and chips. Give me balance and authenticity!

Steel tanked Chards are also a toss-up because steely Chardonnay can be…well… bland, in my opinion. Lacking in character and not food-friendly–flabby is a word I would describe unoaked Chardonnay without any thought.

July Vino Column “For Chardonnay, Forgo the Oak”

During the hot and sticky summer months, I gravitate toward leaner wines, and this includes Chardonnay. Heavy oak can make the wine feel hotter when the humidity soaked steamy air is sticking to your body.

This summer, think beyond oak and try some of these economical bottles of unoaked Chardonnay mentioned in my July Vino column in Biscayne Times. Some of them you may recognize, and others may be new to you. Tell me in the comments if you have a favorite bottle of unoaked Chardonnay!

Photo by Biscayne Times


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