Canned Wine: Myths Busted, Facts Uncovered on

Here we go again with another “controversial” topic in wine.

Question: how can something that is supposed to bring so much pleasure be so controversial? I’ll tell you why–because stubborn people set in their ways make it that way!

If you’ve been paying attention to changing trends right now in the wine industry, you may have noticed that wine is now being produced in cans! Can you believe it?

Sure, it sounds absurd, right? Cans are for beer! Wine is supposed to come in a beautiful, sleek bottle with a real cork.

Just like most folks, I do love the classic pop of the cork and an elegant bottle at the table while I’m dining out at a fancy restaurant, or even when cooking at home. I love great quality wines from all over the world. It’s truly a pleasurable experience to enjoy a fine wine with a perfectly prepared meal.

However, I also believe that there is a time and a place for wine from a can. For real. Think about it! There are places where you simply cannot have glass, and then what? Or times when others are just grabbing beers out of a cooler. Or maybe you’ll be forced to drink your wine out of a Solo cup anyway. These are all great times to enjoy wine from a can.

Canned Wine: Myths Busted, Facts Uncovered on

In my latest article for, I debunk a few canned wine myths that you may have heard floating around. Don’t let yourself fall into the category of “wine snob” before you even give it a shot.  Allow yourself to be open to new experiences and tastes! Sure, not all canned wine is good (I know this first hand), but the same goes for the variety of quality in the bottle (hellooooo Barefoot! Gross.).

When it comes to cans, don’t knock it until you try it–several cans at least. It takes a few cans to get an idea of the styles and varieties you enjoy. Start with reading this article if you’re on the fence, and discover a new way of drinking wine during the casual fun times in life.


Check out my latest article for Winetraveler, as well as these great cans of wine from Maker!

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