Fall in Love with Beaujolais, New Biscayne Times Wine Column

Well, 2020 has been quite the year, right? Between hoarding toilet paper, global pandemics, national lockdowns, and a crazy election, we’ve been through a lot together. For many of us, the year has brought some good with the bad, and that’s something to be thankful for as we close out these last few months.

For me, this year has brought some changes to my “Vino” column in Miami’s community newspaper, Biscayne Times. The paper was acquired this year by another local publication called Miami Times, which caused some changes to the structure of the column. I want to be clear that the new column is better than ever, and I’m so excited to continue writing Miami’s only newspaper wine column in this way.

In my inaugural “new” column, I take a dive into the wines of Beaujolais! Not just a region with fruity young wine that appears on shelves the third Thursday in November, but it is a region with layers of styles of wine that fit the desires of any wine lover.

Take a look at my new column, and follow Biscayne Times for more news spanning the Biscayne Corridor and surrounding islands in Miami. Let me know what you think about Beaujolais, and if you haven’t already, fall in love with this region this October.


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