Photos from Austria

…and also some iPhone photos from the Austrian portion of my Europe trip.   

Some Photos from Rome

Whoa, I totally skipped out on writing about my Europe trip this past April. Well, what can I say? Austria was beautiful, and Rome was incredible. Here are some iPhone shots from Roma. Such an enchanting city.

It Rains Mud in Rome

…And other things I learned on my trip to Europe: COMING SOON! I promise I will post more about Austria and Italy once I get a moment to write a post–between working for money, writing for my UCLA course, and traveling to Minneapolis for work this week, I’m losing out on time to write what…

Europe Trip 2013: First few Days in Austria

I apologize for neglecting to post on the blog, but I have been traveling via plane and car to the destination where I am currently writing: Kleinlobming, Austria–in the beautiful Austrian state of Styria. An American friend and I have traveled here for the wedding of our Austrian friend, which will take place later this…