Europe Trip 2013: First few Days in Austria

I apologize for neglecting to post on the blog, but I have been traveling via plane and car to the destination where I am currently writing: Kleinlobming, Austria–in the beautiful Austrian state of Styria. An American friend and I have traveled here for the wedding of our Austrian friend, which will take place later this afternoon in the reception hall of the small guest house where we are staying.

Kleinlobming is a tiny little town in the middle of the greenest part of Austria. It is surrounded by mountains that look very much like the Great Smokies of North Carolina. This morning, my friend and I took off to explore the surrounding area by following the windy little road through the town and beyond. We walked for about two hours without seeing any other people, besides the occasional car that flew past us, disappearing into the curve of the mountain road. Exercising is not a part of daily routine here, though it was the perfect morning for an outdoor stroll.

We walked alongside a rushing creek, by farms with goats and ponies, and a couple other colorful guest houses, still quiet and dark. Yesterday’s rain gave life to the creek, and color to the grass and trees. The last signs of winter seen only in patches of snow on the ground, now turning into mud puddles with the arrival of the high noon sun. The abandoned ski lift and slope look like remnants of past lives. The town is turning over from Winter to Spring.

Last night when we arrived at the Hubmann Guest House, we were the first car to pull into the tiny parking lot, which overlooks the main street through the small town. When we returned from our walk around noontime today, the lot was full of cars; surely guests for the wedding. The town woke up in the late morning hours while we were getting lost on the narrow mountain “highway” of Styria.

Now, we relax until the wedding later on today. The sun is shining, finally. I hear the murmur of voices through the thin walls. The quiet, empty guest house is now full of bright light and laughter. The perfect setting for a celebration! Bring on the delicious Austrian wine!




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  1. So glad to see this as Avary (you could actually mention her name in your blog) has not posted anything today from what I can tell.


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