February Vino Column “New World Reds that Aren’t Cabernet Sauvignon”

Shopping for wines can actually be a challenge at some of the standard wine stores around the country. If you really pay attention, you'll notice that much of the selection is geared toward certain regions and grapes. In fact, if you walk down the aisles of Total Wine or ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, you'll... Continue Reading →

May Vino Column “Bring Out the Sparkling Rosé for May”

Who doesn't love a sparkling rosé? With crisp acidity, refreshing bubbles, and that oh-so juicy red fruit flavor, it's hard to deny that sparkling rosé is a winner for springtime.  In my May "Vino" column in Biscayne Times newspaper, I review a few delightful bottles of pink bubbles that won't put you behind on your... Continue Reading →

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