November Vino Column “Perfect Wines for the Thanksgiving Table”

It’s hard to believe that it’s November of 2019 already. Pretty soon, we are going to ringing in  2020 and a brand new decade! But first, we must get through the holidays.

Every dinner host has a moment of panic during this time of year. Whether it’s worrying about having the right amount of food or ensuring you invited every single aunt, uncle, and cousin to family Thanksgiving, you know what your stressors are once November rolls around.

November Vino Column “Perfect Wines for the Thanksgiving Table”

Luckily for wine lovers all around, there are guides and helpful articles out there that give advice on which bottles should be present on your holiday dinner tables, taking away one seasonal stressor. Like my Vino column in Biscayne Times newspaper! Each year, I find seven economical bottles (all under $15) that can be easily located and purchased in the Miami-area. Take a look at my most recent article to see if there are any bottles that might strike your fancy for this holiday season.

Remember: Thanksgiving dinners across the country are going to be different. South Floridians may be eating Stone Crabs while Northeasterners may be serving something a little heartier. When choosing a wine to pair with your meal, make sure the weight of each is about the same. You can drink a glass of red wine with your salmon dish, as long as it’s a lighter red. Similarly, you can have a white wine with your pork but think in terms of a weighted Viognier with your Honey Baked Ham.

Comment below with some of your favorite Thanksgiving bottles!

Vino Column wines for Thanksgiving
Photo by Biscayne Times

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