Wine from the Jewel of the Iberian Peninsula in Biscayne Times

Back in November, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful country of Portugal. I can't believe it had taken me so long to travel to this stunning European country! I was invited to taste and tour through the southern wine region of Alentejo, where some of the most popular Portuguese blends are produced. Boy,... Continue Reading →

Make Time for a Washington Wine Tasting Adventure in Biscayne Times

My November Vino column is out in Miami's favorite local publication, Biscayne Times, and it's all about a western wine-tasting adventure in the Washington State region of Lake Chelan. I had the opportunity to visit Lake Chelan back in September and just fell in love with this charming region on the eastern side of the... Continue Reading →

Get To Know Portugal’s New World of Wine (WOW): Discover History, Culture & Wine in Portugal on

Remember overseas traveling? Wasn't that grand? You just book a ticket, sometimes last minute, and hop on a plane to almost anywhere your heart desired. Well, those days are gone as of now, so it's time to think about simply planning... for the next time we can move about freely around the world. Knowing myself,... Continue Reading →

Florida Gulf Coast Travel Guide: Road Trip Itinerary on

If you've been following me on social media (@historyandwine), it's no secret that I've been spending some time on the west coast of Florida while all the hoop-la is going on in Miami.  It has been such a nice change of pace to experience a different part of Florida for an extended period of time.... Continue Reading →

Alicante Bouschet & Picpoul Blanc Grape Profiles on

It's true that these grapes don't have a lot to do with each other, other than origins in France. However, it could be said that they are both varieties that have fallen out of favor but are finding a resurgence of interest in recent years--albeit in regions that aren't their original homes. Learn more about... Continue Reading →

Canned Wine: Myths Busted, Facts Uncovered on

Here we go again with another "controversial" topic in wine. Question: how can something that is supposed to bring so much pleasure be so controversial? I'll tell you why--because stubborn people set in their ways make it that way! If you've been paying attention to changing trends right now in the wine industry, you may... Continue Reading →

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