OCIO MIAMI: A Gem of a Doral Restaurant

Tucked away in an almost hidden location along a busy street that sidelines the Miami International Airport is a tiny little reprieve from the warehouse and strip mall fronts that usually rob the Doral area of any authentic charm. Inside this tiny alcove is a splendid little restaurant that creates an opportunity to escape the reality of a dirty urban plight, and rest your weary day-traveled mind in a comfortable and inviting dining environment. OCIO Miami is a beautiful little gem nestled inside a concrete strip mall center on NW 72nd Ave. on the western border of MIA. Don’t be deterred by the lack of exterior charm to this new restaurant, because the moment you step inside, you will leave Doral behind and be transported into a classy Italian ristorante, with trendy décor and eccentric art.

As you sit at the bar at OCIO, and undoubtedly gaze toward the choices of wine bottles displayed in front of you, you will notice an interesting mural hanging beyond the counter. Characters from all periods of human history, splashed in glitter and bright colors, engage each other in conversation and revelry. The scene is something from a dream, but so is your visit to this culinary lifeboat in a sea of chain-restaurants and walk-up cafes. You feel as though you might join them in disbelief at their luck to be surrounded by such an interesting cast of characters, in such a dream-like atmosphere; a story you’re likely to tell—how interesting, my night in Doral.

Abraham Lincoln & Mao Zedong discuss how they got so lucky to find this place in Doral

While the art on the walls and that adorns the creatively-styled menu is colorful and worldly, the cuisine mimics bold tones by being flavorful and Italian (though OCIO is actually Spanish for “leisure”).  There is a little something for everyone who enjoys traditional Italian. Spaghetti Pomodoro? Fiocchi, four cheese tortellini? Corvina or veal? Check! Check! Check! And some Tiramisu too!

Octopus Carpaccio

If seafood is your style, you must try the delectable Octopus Carpaccio—thinly sliced, and seasoned to perfection. And may I recommend a glass of Albariño with that?

I would be remiss if I did not mention the wine at this fine dining spot sequestered between a crowded highway and a bustling airport. What do you desire? The options for red and white are just as international as the contents arriving via jet overhead.

Now, when is the best time to stop by and see this mirage for yourself? Lunch or dinner is served here. A perfect spot for those who need to entertain in Doral, or who want a place to wait out the storm on a rainy commute home. You’re not going anywhere anyway. Pull in the parking lot, and transport yourself into another world—enjoy your moment of ocio.

OCIO Miami: 3399 NW 72nd Ave, Suite 106
Miami, FL 33122



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