Top Woodinville Wineries & Tasting Rooms To Visit in the Hollywood District on

I do love visiting the Pacific Northwest! In fact, I think I wrote in a previous article or column that Seattle in the sunshine is the world’s best-kept secret because it is the most perfect place. When the sky is clear, the weather can be lovely, and the scenery is even more incredible.

One of my favorite little wine tasting towns is Woodinville, Washington, just outside of Seattle and home of Chateau Ste. Michelle, also a place where you can visit many other more boutique and artisan Washington wineries and tasting rooms. Because this particular part of the state does not have ideal weather for growing grapes (grapes don’t like lots of humidity), most of the grapes are sourced from farther out in Eastern Washington, but some of the winery production can happen in Woodinville. In fact, Chateau Ste. Michelle does their white wine production right there in Woodinville, while their red wine is made at another facility.

Woodinville is separated into four distinct districts. The district where you can find  Chateau Ste. Michelle and other larger production wineries is called the “Hollywood District.” Some of the other districts, such as the Warehouse District, contain lots of cool new modern winery tasing rooms and breweries that will be the topic of a future post.

Check out my latest article on for more information and recommendations of wineries to taste at and places to stay when you visit Woodinville’s wine tasting Hollywood District!


DeLille Cellars Woodinville, Washington
DeLille Cellar’s New Tasting Room in Woodinville, Washington


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